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Payible.ioA native SMS Tool powered by Plivo®

FeaturesThe features of SMS Tool

Send SMS

Send customized text messages to target users with ease. Maneuver to Salesforce lightning experience for better service.

SMS Opt Out

Simple one-click restriction to stop text messages from being sent to any number.

SMS History

Easy record and access of text communication from the app.

Lightning Ready

100% Lightning ready! Attuned to the Salesforce Lighting experience.

Receive SMS

Ease of receiving and viewing text messages from registered/saved numbers.

Scheduling the Message

Choose the date and time, schedule SMS(s) accordingly.

Conversation View

Effortless navigation through all text messages in a simple yet appealing conversation panel.


Ease of pushing SMS via Salesforce communities.

Bulk SMS

Send text messages(s) to multiple targeted users quickly and easily.

SMS Template

Ease of saving data to customized templates. Maintain consistent brand image and save time updating data.

SMS auto-forward to Email

SMS app enabled to auto-forward incoming text messages to email.

Object Support

Synchronized with both standard as well as customized objects.


About enables you to send and receive text messages from within your Salesforce account. Get instant customized text message alerts every time a new connection is added to Salesforce, a contact is updated to a new status, or any time a new contract is closed. The app allows the users in an organization to communicate easily with customers, business partners and team members.

How to get it

Please click here to download.


Enjoy 15 days free trial of app. Manage sending and receiving text messages from within your Salesforce account. 60 days money back assurance.

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Free trial 15 days

  • 15 day trail
  • Free support
  • Free update
  • Unlimited user accses
  • 0.075 $/sms
  • 0$/user/Month
  • 5$/user/month
  • Free support
  • Free update
  • Unlimited user access


Being more than 100 users contact us

  • Bulk pricing
  • Premium support
  • Free update
  • Unlimited user access


Risk Free. 60 Day Money Back Guarantee.

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